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By submitting this form you consent to be contacted at the above number or email by Charles & Assoc. Financial Group Llc. In regards to our affiliate partner program, you also consent to receive text/SMS messages subject to your carrier's cellular rates. 

Earn Income With Our Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is designed to help everyone make some extra income without having to really do much, you come across someone that needs help fixing their credit you can refer them to Charles & Assoc. financial group Llc and earn a commission. You can generate referrals via social media, email, seminars, and networking. You can either ask your referral to contact our team and mention your name, submit your referral's contact information in our partner portal or supply your referral a custom link for a landing page that we will create for you. Anytime you refer someone or someones fills in a request for a free consultation you can track your commissions thru our affiliate partner portal.


For our Real estate professional, Loan officer you can even track your referral customer credit repair process "if the customer allows" through the affiliate portal.

How Does It Work?

Getting started is simple. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up and become an affiliate

  2. We generate a special referral link that is unique to you

  3. Share Charles & Assoc. financial group Llc " CAFG" from social media, your website, blog, or email list

  4. A user clicks your link and subscribes to our services (individual or professional)

  5. You earn a commission.

We offer a full tracking platform so you know how many visitors you're sending, and how many users are converting.

How can I track my referrals and commissions?

We will set you up in our affiliate portal where you can track each and every referral you send over, from the portal you can check status reports as well as commission reports.

Portal link:

**Commission payout subject to first payment approval. If the client's first payment refunded or charged back a deduction will apply to the following month's commissions. Charles & Assoc. financial group Llc " CAFG" reserves the right to cancel affiliate relationships at any anytime without notice.

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